Best Protection Dogs to Bring Home

Elektra Belgian Malinois Featured Protection Dog

A dog is often regarded as man’s best friend, and rightly so! With their adorable eyes, furry coats, and impeccable loyalty, dogs are undoubtedly the best pet of all time. There are countless reasons for becoming a dog-parent however,  one reason in particular has always been popular among families – having a guard dog to protect your family. 

Even if the sky-rocketing crime rates are not affecting your hometown, it’s natural to look for ways to protect your family in your absence. Family protection dogs ensure that you and your family enjoy the feeling of safety wherever you are. These dogs are professionally trained to retaliate against an attacker or invader and provide support in dangerous situations.

What to Look for in a Protection Dog?

While these beautiful creatures are innately protective, you should consider certain qualities when looking for the perfect family protection dog.

Since a family protection dog will spend time indoors as well as outdoors, make sure that the breed you pick enjoys both environments. 

The dog will be a family member, so it must share a strong bond with your children and be safe for them. A well-trained protection dog should be easy to handle and safe around children. 


If you’re planning to bring a family protection dog into your home and need some expertise on the matter, we are here to help! Here are the best protection dogs that you can bring home right away!

Not sure which one is best for you? Contact us right away and let our team at Fine Line Family K-9 help you find the best family protection dog for you and your family today!