Is A Protection Dog Friendly?

What You Need To Know

Fine Line Family K9 Dog Training Programs

There is a misconception that a protection dog isn’t friendly with others & is temperamental. When raised right, these cold blooded killers can be your best friend and a house pet just like any other dog.

But know the difference between personal protection and family protection. Our family protection dogs are great with visitors, in social settings, in public and with kids. Personal protection dogs are more of a one person dog.

Family protection dogs are dogs who, if you didn’t tell anyone, would be mistaken as an ordinary dog. They are still goofy and playful, still friendly and social but with one word will without hesitation put their life before yours. Our family protection dogs will lick your face, snuggle and be your forever best friend.

Our family protection dogs travel with us everywhere. Disney, grocery stores, shopping malls, movie theaters, meetings, camping trips, vacations, airplanes, trains, buses and so much more. These dogs are accustomed to visitors, contractors, travel and other animals (we even have 3 cats, a pony and bunny). They are raised to be friendly with everyone unless told otherwise. They will let friends rub their belly without hesitation but flip over ready to fight faster than they laid down if told.

What’re you waiting for? Get yourself a family protection dog today!